Information for Donors & Beneficiaries

The Pomona Planof Pomona College provides support for a full range of charitable Gift Planning options and services for donors to the College. From time to time, we will post information on this page that may be helpful to our donors and beneficiaries.

Information for the 2015 Tax Year
Last Update: January 28, 2016

We know this is the time for gathering information and making appointments with tax advisors to finalize your 2015 tax returns. So we want you to know that we expect to mail your IRS Schedule K-1(s) by April 4, 2016, about two weeks ahead of the April 15th deadline for issuing K-1s. We will mail sooner if we can, but we must wait for information from other financial firms.

We urge you to share this information with your tax advisor. Some will suggest meeting early and using an estimated figure taken from your payment advices to be confirmed later by the K-1. Others may want to meet only after you have all documents in-hand. In either case, early communication will help you and your tax advisor plan for timely preparation of your returns.

If you have questions, please contact us toll-free at (800) 761-9899.