The Pomona Plan in the News

Text Box:  News outlets have taken notice of Pomona College's planned giving program right from the beginning. In fact, our name, the Pomona Plan, was first coined by New York Times in 1959. Below, you will find links to articles on the Pomona Plan and related topics by journalists and financial writers. The program generates continual interest in the media, spurring writers to take notice, asking, "Have you heard about the Pomona Plan?"

Forbes - Financially Fit Colleges

In September of 2013, Forbes did a study of college endowments and the ratio of students per endowment dollar. Pomona came in second with more than $1 million in endowment money per student. You can view the slideshow here, read the article here, and download the statistics here.

Malcom Berko - Annuity Rates

In November of 2012, the prominent financial columnist, Malcom Berko, advised a reader to look into a charitable gift annuity. He recommended the Pomona Plan. An 80-year-old long-time reader asked about a 7.49% offer for an annuity. Mr. Berko advised him that he can obtain a better rate from Pomona College. You can find the article here.

Forbes - Does a Charitable Gift Annuity Make Tax Sense for You?

Text Box:  In June of 2012, Forbes magazine published a piece on charitable gift annuities that included favorable mention of the Pomona Plan. This was part of the annual investment guide. The author described scenarios in which a charitable gift annuity makes good sense. He compares Pomona with Harvard on gift annuity rates in his scenarios, and Pomona fares rather well. You can find the article here.

Forbes - Hot Tip: Get Your Annuity Now

In January of 2009, Forbes magazine published an article on changes in gift annuity rates at that point in time. In early 2009, the Great Recession was in full swing and annuity rates were falling in response to the investment climate. The author notes that Pomona College has higher rates than others and that this will likely continue. You can find the article here.

Forbes - Charitable Annuity Safety Net

In December of 2008, Forbes ran an article exploring the benefits of charitable gift annuities. The author extols the virtues of annuities, including stability, an immediate tax deduction, a good return, and the positive feelings associated with supporting a good cause. You can find the article here.