Allen F. Hawley Society


"There followeth after me today a youth whose feet must pass this way…. Good friend, I am building this bridge for him."

The Bridge Builder, W.A. Dromgoole

The Allen F. Hawley Society was established in 1978 to recognize those generous individuals and families who make gifts to the College through the annuity and life income program while at the same time paying tribute to the special importance of Allen Hawley's monumental contribution to Pomona College and, in fact, to all American charitable enterprises. At its founding, the Society recognized some five hundred members, a figure that now exceeds 1500 donors, past and present.

Allen Hawley, a believer in the enduring value of great colleges and universities, made his unique contribution to the future of his alma mater Pomona College. The Pomona Plan, which he started at the end of World War II, was a pioneering effort in the field of charitable life income agreements and led the way to this most innovative approach to financing higher education — providing stable investment opportunities for donors and their families, as well as future support for the educational programs of the College. The program which he personally guided for more than twenty years still bears the imprint of his character — unshakable honesty and trust in the aspirations of individual Americans from all walks of life. He will be remembered always for his role as bridge builder, spanning the uncertainties of the future for generations of students yet to come.

Looking to the future, Pomona College anticipates the addition of many new members who will choose to associate themselves with the high purposes of the College -- and of Allen Hawley.

To join the Allen F. Hawley Society, please send us an email or letter requesting information about how to make a life income gift to Pomona. 


Did You Know?

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